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In honor of July 4th, I have written two JFK/Lister centric drabbles. This is the closest I could get to July 4th without messing with reality. I know that there are non-Americans here, but please bear with me.


Lister was not American, nor was he interested in American politics. He hardly noticed the Fourth of July when it came around, and he had only known about JFK’s death because the news of the anniversary had interrupted the sports he had been watching.

Still. After his adventure through time, he always stopped to observe November 22. How could he not?

JFK had been a good man. He deserved his legacy.

Lister held out a drink, and proposed a toast to him.

He was the only one around, it was eleven o’clock, but he offered a short speech and drank.


In some other reality, in some other time, Lister got a chance to thank JFK for what he had done.

JFK sighed and handed the gun back. His unspoken gratitude and accusation came with the gun.

Lister accepted it wordlessly.

This was his fault. Just like JFK, his want of something that he should not have wanted had led to this disastrous occasion.

When JFK would get out of prison, he would do his best to fix his own wrongs. To make right.

Lister could not promise the same thing.

He could not fix an entire nation from the Starbug.

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