Jan. 4th, 2017

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I'm backing this community up to Dreamwidth (or re-backing it up, rather).

I will be deleting my personal LJ due to the migration to Russian servers. Most pages are no longer protected under the HTTPS site, meaning entries are less secure than they could be. This version of LJArchive has worked for me for downloading my journal with comments intact.

I don't expect everyone to create a Dreamwidth account just to participate over there, however if people don't want to move it would be great if someone who intends to stay on LJ would step up to moderate here.

I'm not happy about this, because I don't want to give up modship of this comm, when the RDSS and Red Dwarf Slash have been my babies for so long. But I am more concerned about privacy.

I will not be deleting this community from Livejournal unless the majority of members decide it is feasible to move to Dreamwidth. So don't panic! Those drabble trees are safe!


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