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Title: That Time of Year
Rating: Light PG-13
Summary: Time for those horrid little annual check-ups – but when you have Lister as a boyfriend, there’s no way he’ll simply let you get away with it. CxL
Disclaimer: Sure as heck isn’t mine.
Warnings: Slightly, though not overly, sexy in places and of course, contains a bit of slash.

That Time of Year )

Maybe (R/L)

Mar. 3rd, 2006 03:47 pm
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A/N: Something for the R/L fans, not least of all Kirke Novak and Kahvi.

Title: Maybe
Summary: Maybe they could save each other. Mild RxL slash.
Rating: PG
Author: Ellie ET
Spoilers: Mild for Terrorform, quite big for Rimmerworld.

Written partly because I do like RxL and have seen the hints, and partly because Kirke Novak and I agree that Rimmerworld was overstepping the boundaries of Rimmer!angst just a tad. So here is a page and a quarter long drabble based on that concept.

Maybe )
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Title: Walk
Summary: Darn Skutters. Darn holograms. Slight CL slash.
Rating: Light PG-13

This is not supposed to make sense. This is supposed to be short, yes. I’d appreciate it if no-one came knocking down my door, looking to kick me. ^_^

Walk )
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A/N: I’m sorry, it happened. It was bugging me. ‘Identity Within’ didn’t help (though this is set in Series 5). Hooray for painfully canon storylines. Boo for agonisingly short fics.

Title: Mid-Morning
Summary: The values of rest...
Rating: PG

Mid-Morning )
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A/N: Inspired by a Calvin and Hobbes strip, I bring you a small Christmas gift. It’s a slash of sorts – and it has cold in it so I figure it qualifies for Christmas. ^_^ And yes, it’s another drablet. Sorry.

Title: One Everywhere
Summary: There’s one on every JMC ship.
Disclaimer: No, it’s not mine. If it weren’t the festive season, I’d cry.
Rating: PG

One Everywhere )
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Title: With
Summary: It’s not just a consolation.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

I’m sorry! I know most people like longer fics, but tonight I saw ‘Beyond a Joke’ for the first time and things progressed from there! Enjoy anyway…? (Set after Series 8; no explanation for how this occurs, but don't say you weren't warned).

With )
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Title: In A Name
Summary: Rimmer questions something regarding his relationship with Lister.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: If I owned the show, Kochanski wouldn’t be there.

Help, the Lister/Rimmer bunny has got me! (Attempts to fight it off) Dedicated to Kirke Novak, who gave me the inspiration for this ficlet and who always gives such marvelous reviews! Oh, and the other reason it’s written is to celebrate the fact that it’s Friday night.

In A Name )
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Title: Smudged
Summary: In which Lister finds something very interesting out about the Cat.
Rating: PG

Smudged )
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Title: Like Everything Else
Summary: In which Lister just can’t get comfortable.
Rating: PG

So I was looking at all my RD stuff and thinking things looked a little empty on the Lister/Rimmer front. Behold, one and all! It’s L/R slash! Short, true, but still, I haven’t forgotten that hologram!

Like Everything Else )
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Title: Spoiled For Good Measure
Summary: “Well, it’s not my fault you decided to come back so early.” Slash.
Rating: PG-13
Author: Ellie ET
Disclaimer: I admit I’m not either one of those talented writers who brought us that funny, hilarious, ultra-slashy show we all know and love today.

Hey - I wrote a completely original fic! Not a missing-scene fic, and not a post-episode fic - an actual, original fic! Set during Series 5, just because that series is the best out of all of them and it’s more convincing; I see S5 as the series that took the show to a whole other level. Really, in a perfect world, I’d like it to take place after ‘Demons and Angels’ but really, it can happen at any time. And please note this is slash, people. Slash.

Spoiled For Good Measure )
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Title: Help Me Rimmer
Summary: This songfic just refused to go away. Lister tries to woo Rimmer on a Canary mission with the help of a certain old Beach Boys song…
Rating: PG (for slash, the dreaded script format, craziness, slight violence and horrible parody lyrics).
Author: Ellie ET
Disclaimer: I don’t own Red Dwarf or the Beach Boys song ‘Help Me Rhonda’, and reading this, that’s probably for the best. I know it has an extra bit at the end, but that was because I used the Brian Wilson version as a template, and it makes it easier for the whole fic anyway.

I’ve wanted to write this for ages (though I haven’t a clue why). I’ve never written any Lister/Rimmer before, so I decided to have this serve as a break in the chain of C/L fics I’ve been writing. I do like L/R, and Rimmer was feeling left-out anyway… now he’s being sedated after reading this. More stable, saner stuff will be posted soon – I hope.

Help Me Rimmer )

Dog Attack

Aug. 21st, 2005 07:49 pm
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Title: Dog Attack
Summary: Slashy drabble set during ‘Future Echoes’. The feline strikes back!
Rating: PG

Dog Attack )


Aug. 20th, 2005 04:25 pm
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Title: Popcorn
Summary: Lister spends some time with Cat. Slashy drablet.
Rating: PG
Author: Ellie ET
Disclaimer: If I really, truly owned Red Dwarf, this would have happened a long time ago. (There’s no cartoon-bashing intended, either).

I was working on another, longer version, but it fell apart, so I settled with this version instead. This is dedicated to a fellow fanfiction.net user by name of Zombie Kitty for her reviews regarding previous C/L fics and although I haven’t told her personally, I’m deeply grateful for the encouragement. Thanks, ZK!

Popcorn )
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Title: Comfort is a Bitter Thing
Summary: Set after the S5 episode ‘Demons and Angels’. Lister relives his nightmare on the ‘Low’ Red Dwarf, showing Cat that his own fun with the implant was more serious than was previously anticipated.
Rating: PG-13
Author: Ellie ET
Warnings: Slash. Spoilers for ‘Demons and Angels.’
Disclaimer: I own two RD DVDS, four tapes of recorded episodes and the Smeg-Ups tape. Nothing else.

Comfort is a Bitter Thing )

Tell Me

Jul. 30th, 2005 02:26 pm
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Title: Tell Me
Summary: Cat and Lister share a conversation. It just happens to be a little different. Slightly slashy.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Slight for S7 episode ‘Duct Soup.’
Author: EllieET
Disclaimer: I don’t know – you invent a great sitcom and then Grant and Naylor pinch it from you.

Tell Me )
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Title: Black Leather
Summary: Set immediately after the S7 episode ‘Duct Soup.’ The heat finally gets to Cat.
Genre: General
Rating: PG
Author: Ellie ET
Disclaimer: I own Red Dwarf and all characters associated with it. Lie-mode cancel.
Warnings: Spoilers for Duct Soup. Can be seen in a slashy light.

Black Leather )
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Title: Really
Summary: Set during the episode ‘Dimension Jump,’ just before Ace arrives at Starbug. Mildly slashy C/L drablet.
Rating: PG
Author: EllieET
Spoilers: ‘Dimension Jump.’

I just typed this up this morning because although ‘Dimension Jump’ was quite slashy L/R-wise, I couldn’t fail to notice the C/L cosiness of the episode and finally acted on it today. Quite short – nothing more than a drabble/ficlet. Enjoy.

Really )
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Title: Where Power Isn’t Needed
Summary: Set during the Series 4 episode ‘White Hole.’ On a ship with no working electricity, Cat and Lister learn that the smallest shred of independence, no matter how mad it may be, can be OK.
Rating: PG-13 (nothing graphic, no worries!)
Author: EllieET
Genre: Romance. Slightly humourous too.
Warnings: Slash. My first fanfic. Pairing that isn’t Lister/Rimmer (although I do ship them!)
Spoilers: White Hole, Series 4, and the Pilot episode, which I’ve researched but never seen. ^__^
Disclaimer: (Turns out empty pockets) Nope. Grant and Naylor’s pockets, however, are full to the brim.

Having only seen a few episodes of RD, and having to sweet-talk my parents into letting me watch and tape it on Monday and Saturday nights, I’m not sure how you guys will react to this. I was going to wait a while longer before writing fanfiction, but on watching ‘White Hole’ on Monday night, and observing the small ‘bike’ scene between Cat and Lister, it seemed to me that Cat became more caring and serious than usual in order to calm Lister down. Then I thought up this ficlet. Tell me if I get the smallest thing wrong, and please bear in mind I’ve seen hardly any episodes. Okay?


Where Power Isn’t Needed )


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