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This contains two clips from series X, but I don't consider them spoilery. Conversion didn't work with the region 2 DVDs, so I had to use the YT clips I'd downloaded (sorry, I tried!).

Rumour Has It
Song by Adele
Pairings: Lister/Kochanski, Rimmer/Lister
Summary: Rumors abound on Red Dwarf about Rimmer and Lister and Kochanski (oh, my!)

Download at filedropper

Hi guys

Oct. 27th, 2012 12:47 am
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Must say though I had such a hard time trolling through the CBpix archive. Pity me. ;P

Hey Roadster, you about? First thanks, great vid, second, did you ever add to it?

Been awhile, gotta say, loving the new series.

OK, Bit of a long shot, does anyone her remember or indeed have a fanvid someone made of Rimmer/Chris licking his lips. I can't remember the song, or if there was one but it was just RD and interview clips of Chris moistening his lips, and I recall it being surprisingly hot.

I did try the tags, but nothing. I did a quick google, looking up lip licking vid's on the big G does give interesting results but not the one I want. I also had a quick look around other RD/CB groups but nada. Help me RDS you're my only hope.

Going on the date of my last fanfic in this comm, I'm guessing it's at least five years old. I know it's a big ask, but if it turns up we all benefit :D

Thanks in advance,


Oh, Quick P.S. Where is everyone getting there RDX icons from? This seems to me to be the only active RD comm on LJ at the mo and I haven't seen any here.
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Hi all.

I know some of you didn't get to see the episode yet and are really frustrated, so I'm dedicating this to you.

I made a music video this morning in honor of the new episodes, though there's nothing spoilery in it what-so-ever. It's pretty short, since I only did it this morning. Rimmer/Lister

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Song: Parce mihi Domine
Vidder: [info]kronette
Fandom: Red Dwarf
Category: Constructed Reality
Rating: PG
Software: Sony Vegas 11
Notes: This is my second attempt at a constructed reality vid. Apologies if you know the original song, I had to edit it in sections to make it work. The lyrics aren't important, just the overall feel.
Summary: Something's happened to Rimmer. How will Lister cope?
Links: YouTube
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Hello! *waves*

I've never actually posted here before, being a chronic lurker, but am now breaking my silence to bring you a Back to Earth vid that I've made. I actually started on another one first, but then this idea popped into my head and wouldn't go away. I'd love some feedback on it. :-)

Song: Colorblind - Counting Crows
Spoilers: Back to Earth
Pairing(s): Lister/Kochanski, Lister/Rimmer

Follow the fake cut...


Jul. 20th, 2006 09:47 am
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To go along with the Rimmer and Krytenvids...

YouTube - low-res.

41meg download - zipped .wma.
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Sleepless night, a freezer, and a fair bit of Grey Goose nets you this.

Linky to zip file with wmv inside.
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I'm sorry... I heard the song and had to do it.

Burnin' Love. Full-size wmv, zipped; right-click and save.

YouTube. Smaller download, lower resolution.

As in anything I ever post to the 'net, concrit is welcome.

Courtesy of Windows Movie Maker and my freezer.
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Friends don't let friends vid this late at night.

Permanent - bigger download. Save to disk, por favor. Compressed file.

Many thanks to Anna for the lovely bit of hugging vid she sent me a few hours ago that I slipped into this one.

R/L video

Feb. 20th, 2006 08:54 am
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I was in an odd mood when I made this, so it's an odd vid. Meant to be L addressing R. Then WMM wouldn't save as wmv, so I was in an even odder mood until I could get the damn thing working again. Not the best cuts. Dunno how well it works - you be the judge.
It's got a long bloody instrumental bit at the end that I faded out - and no matter what I did, WMM put in a *plutz* sound at the very end with the fadeout. Sorry. If someone knows how to get rid of that, I'd be grateful.

Putfile - small download.
Bigger copy - right-click and save.
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Ugh - I had started this one before I did the Rimmervid, and it took longer. R/L vid. First Date.

Putfile - small download.
Biggish wmv - right-click and save.


Feb. 14th, 2006 01:06 am
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Here is my Feb 14th contribution. Without Busangane, I would not have known that XP has a Movie Maker bundled in with it! So I spent the last week converting my ***n DVDs to AVI, and tonight, under the influence of much sugar, made this.

Putfile - small download.
Revised vid - right-click and download.
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Fandom/Song/Artist: REDDWARF "Still Alive" by The Crash

Vidded by: Busangane
Link to site: http://busangane.freespaces.com/

They can conquer all obstacles if they only stick together- they both know that... (Rimmer/Lister)

Details: Footage from my official DVDs :: 29MB :: 4mins31seconds :: WindowsMedia ::

Notes: A V-Day pressie for R/L fans everywhere! I tried to make a romantic vid without using 'Blue'. So there's no kissin' in it!

Also, any/all comments appreciated!! *hugs* Thank you!


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Maybe Easy Sharing was easy enough for me. The RD vid is yours to download. (I hope)

My journal

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I placed an RD video in Putfile.com if somebody's interested. It's mostly R/L and edited in hurry but you should get the idea.

See it here (21M)


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ok. so i just discovered that i have windows movie maker and i decided to play with it last night and i made a vid. it's Rimmer/Lister- all clips are from Series 7's 'Blue' [it's the only RD episode i had on my comp]- the song is 'Colour of Blue' by S Club- and oh yeah, it's crap ;) the beginning is more R/L and towards the end, i guess it's more about the episode from Lister's POV...? oh well. it was mostly me just playing around anyways... =) the link is at my journal, and it's to YSI. the vid is 27.7 MB and about 3 minutes long.

(have fun!!)


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