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Not exactly slashy, but if you notice, it's all about Lister's bum (have they not seen the long johns?!) If the artist is on here, this is ADORABLE!

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A few months ago I started an Ask Dave Lister blog.

Anon is always on, so if you don't have a Tumblr you can still send Listy questions.

I'm drawing most of my replies, so answering takes a few weeks (cause I'm a lazy-butt). 

The RP takes place after Back To Earth, but I can/will answer things from the Book-verse (both Backwards and Last Human).

Also, I am now taking questions as Spanners, Deb Lister, and Low!Lister.

Sadly because I want to keep Listy as in canon as possible I wouldn't be able to answer slashy questions the way want. (Unless you want to mention his dream in Blue, or something like that).

His inbox is empty so.....entertain him. There is only so many nights Lister can convince Cat to play "what's that smell" or glue Rimmer's butt to his chair.

ask dave lister banner

I made a banner for the Ask Blog.

((PS: When We Met is on a mini-hiatus. I'm still writing it.))
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i should have posted these a few months ago but sort of forgot
not as many as my first post

Disclaimer: I don't own Red Dwarf, or any of the characters thereof.
contains: standard Lister/Rimmer and Cat/Dog [yeah. you read that right]
thumbnails link to photobucket

Read more... )
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This is a collection of fan art over at fandomania. Some nice drawings of Rimmer, Kryten and the Cat. Are the artists on here? If so, you're good!
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this is my first tentative post because i'm an anxious fool
basically i have a bunch of fanart some from the past couple weeks and some from over a year ago
so uh in a very image heavy way i'm going to post it all at once

its mostly Rimmer/Lister but there is a bit of AceSpanners and Lows
Disclaimer: I don't own Red Dwarf, or any of the characters thereof.

Warning: very image heavy
all are thumbnails linking to the full picture on Photobucket

all under the cut )


Nov. 19th, 2010 10:37 am
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Not slash, but I thought I might post them here anyway? They're liner pen crosshatchings, mostly done over a series of train trips while listening to Chris Barrie narrate the audiobooks.


Larger versions under the cut )


Nov. 14th, 2010 06:08 pm
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This comm needs more art. So I made some.


over at my comm
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Haven't produced much lately but did this sometime before the end of last year. Credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] tsukinobun for writing the fic.

“Nervous, Rimmer?”... )

EDIT: Apologies to [livejournal.com profile] debris_k  who just posted not being able to see it. I've got a bit of HTML/coding blindness. *makes note not to drink half a bottle of rosé while on interwebs*
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Title: *as above*
Rating: None
Pairing: Just Rimsy
Warnings: Much angst

Something I've been needing to get out of my system for some time. Apologies as it's not the most cheeriest of pics.

Angsty Rimmer is Angsty... )
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Hi guys! Newbie here - after months and months of my dad saying I should check out "this really funny show we used to watch when you were little," I finally sat down and watched the Red Dwarf pilot. Three weeks later, I've watched every single episode and am now working my way through the commentary! *grin* I definitely owe my dad cookies or something.

Anyway, thought I'd post a drawing I did featuring Lister and Rimmer. Rated G, only mildly slashy.

Under the cut )
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I'm doing a walk for breast cancer research in a couple of weeks, and in an effort to raise funds, I'm shamelessly bribing people with art. There's a list of prices and samples here, and a gallery of the things people have already requested here.

I bring this up here because the most recent request involved a couple of familiar faces...

Rimmer; Lister; crack. )

If the samples pique your interest, check out the donation page and consider ordering some art of your own. Even $5 helps!
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Hey! My name's Keeva, I've been lurking for a while now, and I finally have something to contribute!

I have a little doodle involving Lister and Rimmer.

Pic under the cut )
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Hello, all. I've been lurking here for a while, and I figured I'd actually post now that I have a shiny new fandom journal.

This Red Dwarf picture I drew isn't technically slash, but...well, I figured you guys would appreciate it.
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Here I am again. With something to actually post. w00t.

DeviantArt link to slashy R/L fanart.
Pairing: Lister/Rimmer
Rating: PG-13
Medium: Tablet on Photoshop
Notes: Er. Not anything to say much? I wanted fanart, so I made some myself?

Lalala off I go.

ETA. In case DevArt is being as wonky as usual.
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Hi there

I'm Spite the Wufei Worshipper. I'm a newbie to this community. Just recently bought series 1-4 on dvd and got into the fandom. Been a fan of Red Dwarf a long time, but havent't watched it the 3 years I've so far been a slasher.

I've made a fanart that I'd like to share. Unfortunately I suck at writing fics. so I won't be contributing much in that area, but hopefully the boys will keep me inspired to make more fanart. ^__^

Lister and Rimmer:

A little teaser:

Lister/Rimmer teaser

Warning: If you click below then beware that it's rated R and contains nudity and yaoi

Lister and Rimmer fanart )

And wallpapers in 3 different sizes can be found here: http://www.wufei.dk/multimedia/multimedia.html


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