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Do you believe that there was only one originating Ace that broke the dimension barrier, or could several have done it?

Do you believe that there's only one of them at a time, or are there multiple Aces flying around the dimensions, saving people hunting things. The family business?

What would happen if an Ace met another Ace? Interdimensional rift like the one that brought Kochanski to our Red Dwarf? An implosion like a dying star that creates a black hole? Is that where a time dilation field comes from, when one Ace meets another? Or is it just another day in meeting yourself?

What we didn't get to see in Dimension Jump was Ace touching Rimmer, because our Rimmer was a hologram. And because of split screen limitations, we didn't get to see them touch (I don't think) in Stoke Me a Clipper.

And on a purely peeved note, why would Ace have holographic clothes? Did he have to explain to all his lovers that he was a hologram? He went through the trouble of hiding the "H"; why not real clothes?
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As you're writing, does anyone else have trouble reading their story as if you had no knowledge of it? I keep getting stuck because I'll have whole passages written, then realize I haven't explained or described anything because it was crystal clear in my head. I (sometimes) know the outcome of the story when I'm working on the beginning, so I have the endgame in my head as I'm writing, but that doesn't always translate into actual descriptive words.

Anyone else have this problem, or am I just an overly visual person trying to relay what I see in my head onto (virtual) paper?
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Well, aside from "Krytie TV". It's the fact that Hollister had Rimmer enter the psychotropic testing without his knowledge. The other four had to sign consent forms, acknowledge that they understood what was going to happen to them and agreed to be placed in the AR environment. Rimmer was just told to lick an envelope that was posted to himself.

I know Rimmer represented himself at his trial, but it never should have come to that, or his entire case thrown out on the basis of entrapment. Nothing he said or did in the AR environment should have been allowed as evidence, which means that Hollister would have had to prove another way that Rimmer was using confidential files for his personal gain. And if Rimmer had a shred of self-preservation (and we know he has it in spades), he might have been able to keep it to himself or at least slide by without being overt. I don't know; that one part has always bugged me.
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I've mentioned this elsewhere, but thought I would ask here: Would anyone be interested in a new kinkmeme? It's been quite some time since the old one was started, and there are a lot of new faces in the fandom who might want to participate. I'd be happy to set it up/run it.

I'm thinking of setting it up here on LJ, but promoting it over on tumblr as well, since there are a number of fans there too. Even those without
accounts here would be able to post prompts and fills anonymously. Feckles has agreed to help spread the word on tumblr. Although I expect it would mostly be slash fans posting, it would be open to all pairings.

If anyone else has any thoughts or suggestions, please let me know.

Edit: the new kink meme can now be found here.
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I'm in a mood. I want to read an L/R story where there isn't a happy ending. Does such a thing exist?
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Holly calls them "Dave" and "Arnold," doesn't he? Not "Lister" and "Rimmer," at least not Rimmer. Female Holly in Bodyswap says "All right, Dave." In the pilot, it was 'Everybody's dead, Dave." In "Future Echoes," it's all "Arnold."

So it's just the crew that called each other by their last names, or Holly's informal now that they're the only ones left alive? Just something I've wondered.

Hi guys

Oct. 27th, 2012 12:47 am
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Must say though I had such a hard time trolling through the CBpix archive. Pity me. ;P

Hey Roadster, you about? First thanks, great vid, second, did you ever add to it?

Been awhile, gotta say, loving the new series.

OK, Bit of a long shot, does anyone her remember or indeed have a fanvid someone made of Rimmer/Chris licking his lips. I can't remember the song, or if there was one but it was just RD and interview clips of Chris moistening his lips, and I recall it being surprisingly hot.

I did try the tags, but nothing. I did a quick google, looking up lip licking vid's on the big G does give interesting results but not the one I want. I also had a quick look around other RD/CB groups but nada. Help me RDS you're my only hope.

Going on the date of my last fanfic in this comm, I'm guessing it's at least five years old. I know it's a big ask, but if it turns up we all benefit :D

Thanks in advance,


Oh, Quick P.S. Where is everyone getting there RDX icons from? This seems to me to be the only active RD comm on LJ at the mo and I haven't seen any here.
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I was wondering if we'd ever had a collection of websites or resources to help with Briticisms, spellings, grammar, research, etc. It seems every time I write a story, I have to research some aspect or other (first butlering, then a fob watch, now football). Would it be helpful to pool our resources so writers didn't have to hunt down things every time we write? Obviously, this would be for the non-Brits on the list, since we don't know the subtleties of the language. For instance, why in some instances would you say, "He was going to do something in the future," or would it be "He was going to do something in future"? Why is "the" dropped? Or is it just Americans who add it in? I thought the proper term was "in hospital" as that's what I've seen the most, but does that apply to all instances of "in the [blank]"?

Here are some websites I've found:

separated by a common language: jumpers, sweaters and the like

BBC SPORT | Football | Laws & Equipment | Pitch dimensions

The Septic's Companion - List of British Words For Insults (this is an awesome site :D)

Dictionary of English slang and colloquialisms
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Okay, everyone who gave Wildfire's computer a name in any of their fics, what was it and why? I love the idea that each iteration of Ace gives her a new name that I've seen in a couple of fics.

Mine was Sasha, in Floor 13: A Final View. I picked it because it seemed to me to kind of fit with her voice and yet not be overtly sexy a name, particularly because in the fic in question Kochanski was the one flying Wildfire rather than Ace.
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Anyone got any estimates as to how long the gang were in the brig in VIII? I know they were sentenced to two years; I'm trying to remember if there's ever any reference made to how long they've actually been in there. I don't think I ever even referred to it in Floor 13, because it wasn't strictly relevant, but with this new bunny I've got (another one, yes) it might well be.


Apr. 6th, 2008 11:58 am
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Hi everyone

I have no slash fic, but I'd like to do something for the community. I've been experimenting with making layouts, and I could use some practice. Would people be interested in a Dwarfy layout for the community? Mods? If I did make one, it probably wouldn't be done for quite a while because I'm still finishing up school, but I just wanted to see if there was interest. :)
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Hiya all, sorry I haven't got a fic to post... It's just a question that I was hoping the geniuses (Or is that genisi? Like Octopi) would be able to help with. I've just finished reading Last Human the RD novel and I believed it to be the last in the series... But on some sites it's stated as being the third, though I cannot see how that would make sense with the general plot...

Does anyone know the order for certain? 

Thanks in advance!


Dec. 19th, 2007 07:03 pm
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Hi, I've made a start on the tagging, I'm starting right for the bottom, It's kinda fun.

Quick question, Is there any interest in having Pre-slash, First-time and Established tags?



Jun. 15th, 2006 06:17 pm
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I have a question, and this is the best place to ask, so here I am.

At the end of Season II, did Lister and Rimmer move their quarters? I think they did, as evidenced by the new look and the shower addition, but there isn't any confirmation by the show itself. What deck level were their original quarters on, and what deck level are they on now? Also, where does the Cat live?

Also, how do they go up and down decks? I know about the lifts, but are there ladders or something? (I think there would be, in case the ship lost power (like in White Hole.)

There's no rush, but I would like some clarification for a a fic I'm writing.



Jun. 11th, 2006 11:05 pm
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Okay, stupid question.

Is it Stroke Me a Clipper, I'll be back for Christmas,


Smoke Me a Kipper, I'll be back for Breakfast?

Or some variant thereof?
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I was watching the Red Dwarf Cast commentry's today, backwards I might add though i'm not sure why--started with season 7 and worked my way backwards. Missed season 4 since i don't currently have it and have gotten to season two. Anyway, I was noticing that the actors, dispite that fact that there are only three constant and three changable, seem to have formed groups. Uhm...whats that american word? Klicks? cliques? whatever. I noticed that Whats-his-name who plays Kryten and the bloke who plays Cat (benifit of the doubt on my memory here people, it's 1am and i've been watching RD cast commentries backwards since about 4pm yesturday) seem to be good friends, whereas Chris Barrie barely even says a word when Craig Charles isn't there. It was mainly the Chris Barrie, Craig Charles thing I was noticing since Craig Charles wasn't in the season 5 commentry--it's my favourite season with most of my favourite episodes and I was looking forward to finding out what the two had to say about them =P only to have Craig Charles not there and Chris Barrie barely said a word for the entire thing. I found the implied relationships interesting.

I also highly recommend watching the cast commentrys on a laptop, or likewise, with headphones. That's how i've been doing it (my sister stole my PS2 so I couldn't watch them on the TV) and I really must say, ^_______^ Gosh there's nothing like having Chris Barrie purring right into your ear =P
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Hi guys,

*waves* Newbie (of sorts) alert. I go by Carmilla online. I've been a slash fan for years and a Red Dwarf fan for even longer, but I've never really ventured far into the fandom, despite being entranced by the Rimmer/Lister subtext (and catering to the odd slashy thought about Lister/Cat). However, having started to collect the DVDs and watched the show in order for the first time ever, I'm now in urgent need of fanfic... I may even get around to writing some, time and exams permitting. In the meantime, any recs you have would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I remember reading a fic a couple of years back that was Rimmer/Lister slash pre-Legion. It essentially had Lister talking a sexually frustrated Rimmer through a fantasy where they were touching each other instead of themselves. I remember it being very sweet and gentle, and also decidedly hot. Does this ring any bells for anyone? Anybody have a link?
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The plotbunnies don't seem to want to visit me anymore, but I was pondering today when a thought suddenly struck me.

Many of you will probably be familiar with the LOTR Very Secret Diaries (and the Hornblower version is a personal favourite)...well, is there a Red Dwarf version? *Should* there be a Red Dwarf version, perhaps based on the events of The End?
And would anyone take the challenge?
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Is anyone else having problems accessing the Yahoo group today, or does my computer just HATE me?
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Greetings fellow Posse fans!
Resisted reading RD slash for the longest time because I have been watching it for as long as I can remember and I just though; “No, some things are scared! I will slash the Bible but never Red Dwarf!”
Alas one day I was watching and my fortitude caved. I decided it was just so damn slashy. A space ship full of nothing but guys? Come on! *denies the existence of the seasons with Kochanski*

Love all the pairings, looking forward to writing and icon making and reading everything I can get my mittens on.

One question though? How do you get around the problem of Rimmer being a hologram? I know he has Hard Light later on, but I always preferred the first seasons and would probably base my fics then.

luv, Alia

“Hey guys, they’re playing our song. It’s the Awooga Waltz , anyone wanne do the quick step?”


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