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So, Hi. :D
I'm happy to be accepted to this community! I've been reading stories left, right, up, down and center ever since I found this community and you are all fantastic writers. 
I thought since you all have supplied me with so many amazing, mind blowing things to read I would repay you with a small drabble...
So, this is the first thing I have ever written for Red Dwarf slash so I hape you like it if you do happen to read it.
Title: Reading
Paring: An Implication of a growing one (Lister/Rimmer)
Summary: Lister is reading?
Rating: G


I hope you like it!

Fresh Meat

Jun. 27th, 2006 10:17 pm
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Hello! I'm new around here, and now that I've finally finished working my way back through the archives and reading all your brilliant stories I am giving up writing because I will never be as good decided I'd introduce myself.

The name's Lexie. I'm 17, Australian, and was an obsessive Red Dwarf fan between the ages of six and twelve. Recently I've re-discovered it, and have spent an entire holidays pittance wages on the DVDs. My favourite character is Rimmer, my favourite series is Three, and I one day hope to write an epic crossover story depicting the torrid love affair between Ace Rimmer, and Lord Flasheart of Blackadder fame. Of course, that'll have to wait until I get out of purgatory school.

Until then, I'll probably drive you all barmy with angsty, not very good drabbles. If I've made any horrific blunders concerning characterisations, canon facts, spelling/grammer, or whatever then please let me know. Although, keep in mind that I've only really been watching Red Dwarf for the past two-months-ish, and that I've only started writing fanfic...well, this week.

This is just a litle something I whipped up, because I couldn't stand just posting an introduction. Rimmer/Lister, 242 words, set during Queeg. No title. We'll call it 'Drabble One'.

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Well, hey there smeghead!
I have been a lurker of RedDwarfSlash for many awhile, and I finally decided to come out of the shadows and kill you all... I mean... talk with you all. :-O

I looooove Rimmer/Lister slash and Red Dwarf in general! LOOOOVE!

*hugs you* :P

Hugs for all! *hug hug hug*

Uhh, i'm currently writing two fics.

One is called, "You Came Back" and the other one which I just started it called, "He Wasn't".

"He Wasn't" Is sorta based of the song by Avril Lavigne. Which, I conviently named the title after. :)

Sooo, "You Came Back" is on FF.net for those of you who know what that is. Whcih most do, I assume.

But enough about that, let me hear about you.


*more silence*

Okay then. I think that's cleared the air. ^_^

Gah, i'm rambling.

Okay, see you all later then!

~Have a smegtastic day~ ((Which is my slogan :P))

Hey all

Jan. 31st, 2006 10:56 pm
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Okay, I've lurked long enough. I guess I'd better step up and say hi y'all! My user name is Dracosmef (as you can see) but most people just call me Mef. I'm a huge red dwarf fan and have been ever since my college roommate forced it upon me in 1992 (oops! did I just give away my age?!?!) Anyway, I am a Lister-girl, always have been. I just think he's such a cutie (tht's ignoring the curry stains on his shirt and the pants that can get up and walk away by themselves!) However, I did once know a guy who looked just like Rimmer... in that sexy pretty-boy way. (but I digress...) I've written a few fics, but none of Red Dwarf... I may have to in the future. You can see the other stuff that I've written on my live journal page.

That's all... ta ta
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Hi, I'm Kat. I'm a lurker, or used to be anyway, seeing how I'm writing this right now. I watch Red Dwarf a lot, enjoy it a lot and enjoy slash in just about everything, so of course I enjoy Red Dwarf slash too. I read fanfic a lot, plot it a lot and write it close to never because I'm too obsessed with getting everything just right on the first try. And since that of course doesn't work I give up right away. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] 1sentence I'm trying again, though, and it seems to be working well, so I figured I'd join this place now. I've been wanting more communities to procrastinate on, anyway. =^u.u^=

My favourite pairing's Lister/Rimmer, and it's what I'm writing too, but I'll read and enjoy just about anything since I'm of the school of thought nothing'd happen without getting ever so slightly AU anyway. And there's plenty enough universes around for everyone to shag or unrequitedly lust after everyone else. =^u.u^=

Should warn you though that since I procrastinate even on things I actually want to do, I'll probably post really irregularly... don't let it bother you. That being said, nice to meet you. =^n.n^=
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I just found this group the other night, and I am having fun reading the posted fics and checking out spacemonkey's fabulous icons. 29, female, motorcyclist, love RD, R/L slash believer. Not my first slash fic, but my first RD slash fic:

New Footage

Nov. 3rd, 2005 11:21 am
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Hi, I just joined the community, although I'll admit I've been lurking for a long time, but when I read that the Red Dwarf Season 7 DVD will have new footage of the Blue kiss I thought this was as good an opportunity as ever to post. I can't post the link since it's on the Red Dwarf site and I don't know how to get around the address bar....erm...thing, so I'll just quote the paragraph:

"It was with some trepidation that Andrew Ellard – that's me – took to the stage (well, sat on the edge of it anyway) to show a preview of the Series VII DVD documentary Back From the Dead. But the section – based on the episode Blue and featuring never-before-seen footage of the Rimmer/Lister kiss – went down exceedingly well."

I found it in the Down Time section on http://www.reddwarf.co.uk/ on the second page of the article titled Dimension Jump XII.

Hey all!

Oct. 21st, 2005 07:54 pm
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Hi newbie to the community here but long time Dwarf fan (especially Rimmer)and lover of Rimmer/Lister slash!
I thought I'd share this fic I wrote a short while back. Some of you may have seen it on AFF but here it is for anyone else. It is NC-17 rated so beware! I will do it over 2 entries as it is 6 chapters!!

An Unexpected Change

Rating : NC-17

Lister notices something different about Rimmer after their return from Rimmer world and both learn something new about themselves M/M,Anal,Oral,Slash,Solo

Disclaimer – I own nothing but if I did I’d have Rimmer chained a la Terrorform 24/7!!
chapters 1-3 )
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Well, I suppose you could say that I'm new here. Well, I am so there is no point saying that I supposedly am new here ... hmm ... I've been a fan of the Dwarf for about 10 or so years. I tend to swap and change the books/tv shows/musicals/movies that I get into and as it is, I'm currently going extremely psycho over Red Dwarf and Mr Barrie again.

Prior to recent times, I've never really been much of a Rimmer/Lister fan - that is, I used to look at that slash and go "Eh! No!" but times have changed hehe ... so now I'm completely into the whole Rimmer/Lister thing. Slash is cool *nibbles*

And, uh, yeah. That's it for me for now.

Toodle Pipski I suppose.
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Uh. Hello *waves* One of those Not-a-Lurker-But-I-Like-This-Stuff-Dammit-So-I-Joined people here. But this is not an introductory post (because I find them rather pointless, really).

No, I have something to ask.

Is there anyone in here who has "Blue" in their computer files and would be willing to use YouSendIt or something like that to share the goodness? Or could anyone tell where to find a downloadable version in the Internet? Because I actually know what is going to happen in it. I've even read it's script. But I haven't seen it. And to know what's going to happen in it and not see it? Frustrating, painful, etc.

Mods, feel free to remove this post if it's off topic.

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Hey, guys! ^^

I'm a newbie to this here community, and I was planning to have a fanfic all polished and ready for you, but sadly that is not the case. It's currently undergoing serious reviewing and revamping, and when I complete it you will be the first to read it. :)

I have been a fan of Red Dwarf since I was old enough to think for myself - which was probably when I was about 7 or 8 - and I still love it as much as I did back then. I can't say I have a favourite character, because that would be a lie. I love them all. <3

My all-time favourite episode would have to be 'Out Of Time', because... Well, I don't know why. I don't need a reason. -shakefist-

Favourite villain? Mr Flibble, without a doubt. I'm in love with that penguin puppet. =D

The model Starbug I got from a Red Dwarf DVD - series V, wasn't it? - has had its leg superglued back on several times, due to excessive playing. (It's not that odd, to see a 15 year old playing with a green model of a ship..)

Well, that is all. Any questions? Ask me. <3

[livejournal.com profile] lovegun__ &hearts;

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Hi guys,

*waves* Newbie (of sorts) alert. I go by Carmilla online. I've been a slash fan for years and a Red Dwarf fan for even longer, but I've never really ventured far into the fandom, despite being entranced by the Rimmer/Lister subtext (and catering to the odd slashy thought about Lister/Cat). However, having started to collect the DVDs and watched the show in order for the first time ever, I'm now in urgent need of fanfic... I may even get around to writing some, time and exams permitting. In the meantime, any recs you have would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I remember reading a fic a couple of years back that was Rimmer/Lister slash pre-Legion. It essentially had Lister talking a sexually frustrated Rimmer through a fantasy where they were touching each other instead of themselves. I remember it being very sweet and gentle, and also decidedly hot. Does this ring any bells for anyone? Anybody have a link?
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Hi, my names Denise, been a fan of Red Dwarf for ages, but I stumbled upon the Slash quite by accident, was looking for new reading :) as I've been know to do and nearly died when I found RD slash, but it's very well written and I gotta say I've been drawn in :)

Fav Pairing would have to be Lister/Rimmer as Rimmer in all his incarnations is my favourite character.

Fav eps well there's too many to name, but I do have a fondness for Teraform & Bodyswap among many others.

Fav scene's again too many but a few that spring to mind: the scene with Lister/cat where Lister is typing on the keyboard as the kryten hand creature is crawlling up his leg, isn't that creature just the cutest....

The classic scene from Polymorph with the shrinking boxer shorts and Rimmer's "Well I can't say I'm surprised, Lister, you'll bonk anything"

The chase scene in Bodyswap "what's the smegging smeg he's smegging done he's smegging killed me"

"You've lost me arm man"

"I know I've lost your wristwatch too"

The scene in Legion where Kryten and Rimmer are trying to knock him out.... "If you want something done properly do it yourself!"

Fav Rimmer quotes well apart from those above I LOVE "I'm going to do to Lister, what Alexander the great once did to me" & of course "First I'm going to whip you to within an inch of your life and then I'm going to have you"

Fav Red Dwarf quote though is one of Holly's "We are talking april, may june, july and august fool, we are talking jape of the century, yes I am Queeg." It's just pricless.

Well I've whaffled on enough, just wanted to say hi, Loving the fic, I'll think I'll go back into lurk mode

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*Looks around nervously - waves - big scared grin*

Erm...hi, guys. I joined this community just a few days ago, and I thought I might make myself known. I'm only just getting into the whole Red Dwarf thang, and I've only seen a couple of episodes, plus the Smeg-Up tapes, so far. But, I like what I see - and I can see why Lister and Rimmer is the most popular ship, and I agree! Cat's my favourite character, and once I've got a good idea of the series, expect to see some fics up from my end. For the time-being, I'll only be commenting on other people's stories. So - see ya around! :)

Rimmer: Look at it. All our possessions, all our valuables - between fire-flood and impact damage we've lost damn near everything.

Kryten: (taking up Lister's guitar) Well, at least Mr. Lister's guitar survived intact.

Cat: (takes guitar - smashes it against the floor, hands it back)

Kryten: ...Not even Mr. Lister's guitar survived intact.
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First of all, I should point out that I loathe Ace Rimmer. Can't say why, but the guy gets under my skin like nothing else. Thereore, I have studiously avoided watching "Dimension Jump" and "Stoke Me a Clipper" for quite some time now.

However, my dad and brother and I (the Red Dwarf fans in the family - Mom doesn't care for it so much) recently embarked on a mission to watch every single episode in roughly chronological order. We've gotten through the first four seasons. So I, much to my chagrin, had to watch "Dimension Jump" again.

The last time I'd seen "Dimension Jump" before this was years and years ago, back when I was young and innocent.

Therefore, it's completely understandable that I missed out on the slashiness of - let's see - THE ENTIRE EPISODE - until now.

Rimmer is so jealous.

I had privately enjoyed the thought of ListerxRimmer before then (somehow I doubt anyone else in the family would appreciate it), but this has cemented my fandom, so I figured I'd actually join this community now.

(My name's Erin, by the way. Pleased to meet you all ^_^)
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Hey all. ^_^

I was watching Red Dwarf a few months ago, when it struck me just how fitting Lister/Rimmer is. Being familiar with the general slash fandom, I tried to hunt some down on Google where I came across [livejournal.com profile] laurenscavenger's site. I don't know if she's part of this community or not but I'd guess so. Her work is amazing.

It only occured to me to try Livejournal a couple of days ago. So, here I am.
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Greetings fellow Posse fans!
Resisted reading RD slash for the longest time because I have been watching it for as long as I can remember and I just though; “No, some things are scared! I will slash the Bible but never Red Dwarf!”
Alas one day I was watching and my fortitude caved. I decided it was just so damn slashy. A space ship full of nothing but guys? Come on! *denies the existence of the seasons with Kochanski*

Love all the pairings, looking forward to writing and icon making and reading everything I can get my mittens on.

One question though? How do you get around the problem of Rimmer being a hologram? I know he has Hard Light later on, but I always preferred the first seasons and would probably base my fics then.

luv, Alia

“Hey guys, they’re playing our song. It’s the Awooga Waltz , anyone wanne do the quick step?”
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Hello-lo! I joined this place a while ago, but haven´t really gotten round to introducing myself yet. So hi. *waves* I´m Linda, have loved Red Dwarf since I was a wee little kiddy and have been reading/writing slash for about four years now.. so there might even be some fic falling off this tree sometime in the future. Hopefully, haha.. For now I made some Rimmer/Lister icons that I wanted to share, hope you like. ;)

title or description title or description
title or description title or description title or description

(please comment and credit if taking)

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*waves tentatively* Newbie here. I've spent the last two days in front of my PC reading Lister/Rimmer, so that's why there was no intro post up until now.

And I do not come empty-handed.

three more )

That was predictable. If used, please credit :) Also, I'm crap with making up original text for icons, so if you'd like some text, just lemme know and I'll put it on for you.


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