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"Fun, Fun, Fun"
Rated: Mature
Standard disclaimer: Yada yada yada AO3 took care of this already
Summary: Forced into pursuit to rescue the Cat and Kryten, Lister and Rimmer uncover the solution to an old mystery. Featuring beaches, copious alcohol, revenge, and licentiousness. Not necessarily in that order.
Author note: Written for Tumblr user @twistedsardonic as my entry for the "Fandom Trumps Hate" auction – she was the winning bidder, and this to milady’s bidding. *tips hat*

They found Cat’s feet peeking out from shade thrown by a giant umbrella on a semi-cloudy beach, while a tape player to his side blasted island music and Kryten stood over a cooler twenty feet away shaking a sweating metal tumbler sloshing and clinking ice within. “Bet you can fairly taste that seafood, eh, Listy?” Rimmer nudged him in the side with a stage whisper as they stopped next to Cat’s lounge chair.

Lister didn’t argue the point. He raised his foot and kicked lightly at the underside of Cat’s big toe. When nothing happened, he did it again with more force and said, “Hey, man. Why’d you pull a runner?”

Read the rest at the AO3 link here


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